Selva Pankaj, CEO, Regent Group

Selva Pankaj was appointed Regent Group’s CEO in 2009. The group was founded as a family business in early 2000 by Selva, his partner Tharshiny and father Mr. Selvanayagam and is now over 200 staff strong in the UK. Selva was a non-executive director of the group pre-2009 whilst simultaneously holding a career as a finance and investment professional.

Regent Group has thus far educated thousands of students and helped them achieve their potential in relation to educational and career success with its mission statement “The End of Education is Character.”

Regent Group also views its corporate social responsibility as a priority and Selva gets involved in a number of community led initiatives. Selva set up S-Education Trust to support less privileged children across the globe in their educational pursuits in the memory of Selva’s late parents.

Tharshiny Pankaj, Managing Director, Regent Group and Principal Regent Independent College

Tharshiny Pankaj is a graduate of Brunel University where she studied Computer Sciences. In 1998 she took the post of ICT & Computing Teacher at a sixth form college. In 2000 she played a large part in the founding of Regent Independent College and has been deeply involved in the day to day running of the various businesses and been intrinsic in the growth of the Group.